United Nations
Sri Lanka, Uganda, Ghana

Developmental journalism trainer for television and radio
reporters who produce programs to assist small and micro-
enterprise businesses. Author of 40-page training manual for
business journalists, facilitator for intensive week-long
reporting workshops. Sri Lanka: May 2006 & September 2007;
Uganda: August 2003 & July 2004; Ghana: November 2003.

IREX Media Innovations Program
Republic of Georgia

Leader of two-person training team to organize television and
radio coverage of the parliamentary election campaign in the
former Soviet Republic. Project included workshops on
fairness in political coverage, extended on-site consulting at
eight television and seven radio stations involving studio
setup, control room equipment operation, production team
training and program critiques. Broadcasts ranged from
simple two-candidate radio interviews to a multi-camera
televised town-hall debate in a civic auditorium. September-
October 2003.  

Search for Common Ground Talking Drum Studio
Sierra Leone

Mentor for the launch of a cooperatively-produced community
radio national news magazine. Project included program-
format design, pilot-program development and testing,
extensive individualized training for program staff and
workshop training for  news editors from 16 contributing
stations.  March-April 2007. Also: trainer for coverage of
presidential and parliamentary elections. Project included
training for political candidate debates, support for parallel vote
tabulation database, formatting of election weekend coverage
and logistical organization for team of 400 field reporters.
August 2007. Contracted by Developing Radio Partners USA.

International Center for Journalists
Washington D.C.

Co-author of 50-page radio news handbook to be used by
journalism trainers worldwide and distributed to radio
newsrooms in developing countries. Sections on reporting,
producing, talk shows, magazine shows, ethics, law. February-
March 2006.

Makerere University

Leader for multi-week “training of trainers” course in radio
news production and feature/documentary techniques.
Attended by working reporters and university journalism faculty.
Daily classroom seminars, hands-on workshops in field
recording and computer digital editing. Also: development
consulting at upcountry rural radio stations. Funded by a U.S.
State Department media development grant. September-
October 2002.


Start-up trainer for independent news agency providing stories
to Kosovo’s newspapers, radio stations and television
channels. Coaching reporters in the field on real assignments
in post-war environment, daily seminars on journalism
fundamentals, website design consulting. Training funded by
U.S. State Department Professional-in-Residence Program.
October 2000 and May-August 2001.

Public Radio Training USA

Advanced Documentary Audio Techniques. Trainer for skills
clinics on field recording techniques and multi-track digital
audio mixing . KUOW-Seattle 2002, KPLU-Seattle 1999.

Community Radio News Gathering. Trainer for staff at
community-funded radio station in Little Rock , Arkansas.
Funded by U.S. Corporation for Public Broadcasting, 1983.
Terry FitzPatrick
Journalism Training &
Media Development Projects
Other International Training Projects

Katalyst — Bangladesh. Month-long project to launch
television and radio business news programs covering small
and medium enterprises. Project included workshops and
mentoring of journalists who produced program pilot
episodes. Sponsored by British, Swiss, Swedish & Canadian
international development agencies. April- May 2008.

Center for International Private Enterprise — Pakistan. Two-
day workshop on improving television coverage of business
and economic news. May 2008.

Parliament — Zambia. Two-day workshop to improve
parliamentary media communications skills on HIV-AIDS
issues. Organized by National Democratic Institute USA and
Southern African Development Community Parliamentary
Forum. February 2008.

Transnet Port Authority — South Africa. One-day corporate
training workshops to prepare executives for television and
radio news interviews. February 2008 & July 2007.

Ministry of Information & Arts — Maldives. Week-long
workshop for print and broadcast reporters to improve
coverage of parliament, politics and courts. February 2007.

International Monetary Fund — Tanzania. Two-day workshop
for print and broadcast reporters to improve business news
reporting. October 2006.

U.S. State Department — Lesotho. One week of on-site
journalism skills seminars at newspapers, radio stations and
state  television, June 2008. Two-day election-coverage
workshop, February 2007. One day feature-reporting seminar,
October 2006.

Makgabaneng Radio Studios — Botswana. Week-long
workshop with radio drama team to broaden their skills to
enable the production of talk shows, feature stories and
advertising spots for civil society groups. April 2006.

Mercy Corps — Liberia. Facilitator for five-year strategic plan
to rehabilitate radio stations and organize a public information
campaign on literacy training and agricultural/economic
development.  Funded by US Agency for International
Development. November 2002.
Major International Training Projects
University Projects

Stellenbosch University — South Africa. Guest lecturer for
undergraduate classes in television feature-documentary
production. August -September 2008.

University of Pretoria — South Africa. Guest lecturer for
undergraduate classes in radio feature reporting. October
2008, July 2007, August 2006.

Tshwane University of Technology — South Africa. Guest
lecturer for advanced undergraduate classes in radio
documentary making. August 2006 & September 2005.

City Varsity College — South Africa. Guest lecturer for
practical radio reporting skills course for journalism diploma
students. July 2006.
Knight International Press Fellowships
South Africa & Malawi

Journalism teacher for radio reporters; co-author of radio
news reporting handbook. Long-term individualized mentoring
of working journalists at community and commercial stations,
workshop leader for reporting seminars, university lecturer.
Based in Cape Town, South Africa in partnership with the
Bush Radio Broadcast Training Institute and WorldSpace
Radio Foundation’s Africa Learning Channel: January-August
2002 & February-April 2003. Based in Blantyre, Malawi in
partnership with the Malawi Institute of Journalism: April-July
2003. Funded by the International Center for Journalists in