Major Reporting Projects
Antarctica: Journey to the Ice
National Public Radio's
Living on Earth

Four-part radio documentary on the melting ice cap, ozone hole,
penguin deaths, pollution at expedition camps. Writer/Producer/On-
air Correspondent.

Alaska Oil Odyssey
National Public Radio's
Living on Earth

Three-part radio documentary, traversing the Arctic interior and
sailing aboard supertankers at sea, investigating environmental
problems along the path oil travels from Alaska’s North Slope to
America’s gas tanks. Writer/Producer/On-air Correspondent.

Earth Day: An Environmental History
National Public Radio's
Living on Earth

Radio special on the origins and growth of America's environmental
movement. Writer/Producer/On-Air Correspondent.

World Summit on Sustainable Development
National Public Radio's
Living on Earth

Radio special from history's largest gathering of world leaders, the
United Nations  World Summit on Sustainable Development in
Johannesburg, South Africa. On-air correspondent and program

Freelance Foreign Correspondent
Feature Reports

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, covering business stories for the
U.S. program
Marketplace, environmental stories for the U.S.
Living on Earth, and general news for the Voice of America
and the BBC/PRI program
The World. 2005-2009.

Marketplace:                South Africa seizes white-owned farms  

Marketplace:                South Africa intervenes in diamond industry

The World:                   South Africans can't sing national anthem
The World:                   Class struggle grips South Africa leader race

The World:                   South Africa outlaws teen kissing

Living on Earth:           South Africa's nuclear ambition

Living on Earth:           Fighting global warming in Africa

Living on Earth:           African baboons invade homes

Voice of America:        Film shows soccer united apartheid prisoners

Voice of America:        Shark spotters guard Cape Town swimmers

Radio Staff Positions

Regional News Editor & Project Coordinator
Public Radio Northwest News Network, Seattle USA.

Editor and project coordinator for start-up of network providing
regional news coverage to 52 National Public Radio affiliate stations
in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Daily supervision of four
correspondents, assigning and editing spot news and feature-length
reports. News bureau development work, including hiring, budgeting,
equipment selection and purchasing. Coordination work with
regional fund raising team, station-based website technicians,
national programming distributors and news directors throughout
the Northwest. December 2003-July 2005.  

News Director

Acting News Director for news/talk public radio station, supervising
staff of seven reporters/newscasters and coordinating news
production with the work of six talk hosts/producers. Responsible for
daily assignments, editing stories, coordinating placement of news
stories on station website. August 2000-April 2001.

Senior Editor & National Affairs Correspondent
National Public Radio's
Living on Earth

Senior Editor of weekly environmental news magazine, assigning
and editing reports form correspondents worldwide, supervising
website production. August 1999--April 2000. National Affairs
Correspondent, reporting/producing/voicing documentary reports,
1998-99. Based in Seattle, USA.

    Salmon in the city: a critical test for endangered species act

    Geese police strike back at nuisance birds

    Healing forests with chainsaws: innovative restoration

    Saw-mill "museum" creates buzz saw of controversy

KGNC-AM —Amarillo, Texas USA

Newscaster & Courts/Police/Education Reporter at CBS affiliate,

News Director
WORT-FM —Madison, Wisconsin USA

Coordinating and training volunteer "citizen journalists" in community
radio newsroom, 1981-83.

Wisconsin Public Radio—Madison, Wisconsin USA

“Morning Edition” Newscaster for state-wide public radio network;
general-assignment reporter, 1980-81.
Terry FitzPatrick
Radio Projects