Terry FitzPatrick
Television Projects
History Channel

Modern Marvels. Television documentary series on great technological
achievements. Writer/Producer/Director on several episodes, 1995-98

    Stock Exchange: Behind-the-scenes history of how the stock  market  

    Firefighting: Two-part series on history's worst fires & the equipment
    used to fight them.

    Tennessee Valley Authority: The massive Depression-era dam
    construction project.

    Great Towers: Reaching for heaven: Pisa, Eiffel, Big Ben, Space
    Needle, Stratosphere.

PBS Public Broadcasting, USA

MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour. Television magazine segments on abortion,
AIDS, environment, labor, medicine, presidential politics. Contributing
Witer/Producer/On-air Correspondent, 1988-93.

    Story: Religious Groups Target Abortion Doctors

    Story:  Flight Attendants Battle  Weight Discrimination

Listening to America with Bill Moyers. One-hour television program on
crime, with field reports & studio town-hall meeting. Studio & Field
Producer/On-air Segment Correspondent, 1992.

Your Toxic Trash. Television special on the dangers of household garbage.
Hosted by Ed Begley Jr. Writer/Producer, 1993.

Water. International television documentary on water conservation programs
in Mexico, U.S., Australia, New Zealand. Hosted by James Earl Jones. Senior
Producer/On-Air Correspondent. 1994.

Die & Let Live. Television documentary special on organ donation. Co-
producer, 1993.
Discovery Channel

Rivals: Pancho Villa v. John Pershing. Historical television documentary on
the U.S. expedition to catch Mexico's infamous bandit/revolutionary. Hosted
by Gerald MacRaney. Writer/Producer/Director, 1995.

Fox Television

Trauma Center.  Documentary series on hospital emergency     rooms.
Field Producer, 1994.
TV Station Staff Positions

KERA-TV—Dallas, USA. (PBS). Producer/Director in national documentary
unit; Producer/ Host of weekly news magazine, town-hall meetings &
candidate debates, 1988-93.

KFDA-TV—Amarillo, TX, USA (CBS). Noon newscast Anchor/Producer;
Assignment Desk Editor directing staff of 25 with live units; Courts/Police
Reporter, 1985-88.
Free the Slaves, USA

Writer-producer for mini-documentaries profiling activists who combat sex
trafficking, forced labor and other forms of modern slavery
, 2008 - current.

    Cambodia: A former sex slave helps others escape and recover
                 Script                Video Link

    Uganda: Healing child soldiers and the wounds of war

    Philippines: Fighting child sex trafficking

    India: Undercover activists expose trafficking ring for household maids
                Script                Video Link

    Pakistan: Farm slave escapes brutal treatment and rescues 700 others
                 Script                Video Link

    Nepal: Fighting slavery in brothels, quarries and circuses
                  Script                Video Link

    Brazil: Dramatic rescues uncover a web of slave-tainted goods   
            The Freedom Awards: Highlight trailer of annual televised ceremony
                                            Video Link