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Terry FitzPatrick is a versatile and energetic professional with more than 25 years of
experience in radio, television, print and Internet communications. He has extensive
experience working on environmental, economic, legal and human rights issues. He
has won national reporting awards for coverage of science and the environment. His
skills include:

  • Organizational spokesperson
  • Media relations officer
  • Communications campaign strategist
  • Social media & website content creator
  • Video producer & on-camera presenter
  • Videographer and still photographer
  • Writer and editor
  • Media skills & interviewing trainer
  • Communications unit & newsroom manager
  • Event organizer and producer

As a journalist,
FitzPatrick has covered a wide range of stories: from economic
development in Africa, to death row executions in Texas, to chaos in war-torn Kosovo, to
the global challenges of AIDS. He has filmed a behind-the scenes history of the New
York Stock Exchange, and has traveled to Antarctica to report on global climate change.

Many of FitzPatrick’s radio documentaries have been heard on National Public Radio in
the U.S., where he served as National Affairs Correspondent and Senior Editor for the
environmental news program
Living on Earth. While based in Africa, he covered
business news for
Marketplace, and general news for The World and Voice of America.

His television work has aired on the Discovery Channel, History Channel, Fox and PBS—
where he served as a contributor to the
MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour.  

His print articles have appeared in
The Dallas Morning News, Texas Observer and
Columbia Journalism Review.
Online articles have appeared in The Huffington Post.

FitzPatrick has directed television, radio, newspaper and Internet  training projects in
countries in Asia, Africa and eastern Europe.  He has authored a manual for television
and radio journalists covering economic news, and has co-authored a radio newsroom
handbook. He has conducted interview training workshops for corporate executives and
members of parliament. He designed and launched a regional reporting network for

U.S. radio stations in the Pacific Northwest.

FitzPatrick currently serves as communications director for a Washington-based
nonprofit, Free the Slaves, where he
oversees the organization's communications
supervises the publication of research reports, and manages the production of
social media posts,
 website articles and video documentaries about human trafficking
and modern slavery.  

He conducts communications and journalism training projects worldwide.
Terry FitzPatrick
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